North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association

The North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association (NCLPA) is a round table of the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA). Most members are paraprofessionals, but all who advance the interests of support staff in the library workplace are welcome to join. We invite you to contact any Executive Board officer with your questions about NCLPA. Get involved today!

NCLPA News & Activities:

About NCLPA:small-game

Meralyn G. Meadows Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2003-Clara Melissa Reece- Randall Library UNC Wilmington ( First Recipient)
  • 2005- Dee Daughtridge-Mcdowell County Public Library
  • 2007- Lisa Stevens-Pikeville Public Library
  • 2009 - Anna Dulin- Z. Smith Reynolds Library                             Wake Forest University
  • 2011- Jonda Sanders- Watauga County Public Library
  • 2013- Julianne Moore- Iredell County Public Library
  • 2015- Laura Chapman- Jackson County Public Library
  • 2017- Angela Constatino- Watauga County Public Library

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Suggested Resources:

  • Associates
    A journal for and about library support staff issues.