Standing Rules and Policies

A. Standing Rules of the NCLA Executive Board
[Note: The following standing rules represent procedures and operations currently in effect for meetings of the NCLA Executive Board. They have been adopted by majority vote and shall remain in effect until rescinded or amended by vote of the Board. If it deems it advisable, the Board may also vote to suspend astanding rule for a specified period or for the duration of a particular meeting.]


1. Meetings of the North Carolina Library Association Executive Board shall be held quarterly at a time and place determined by the President.
2. The final meeting of each biennium shall be held prior to the opening of the biennial conference and shall include incoming members of the Executive Board.

Non-Voting Attendees

1. Chairs of NCLA committees shall be invited to attend meetings of the Executive Board and to report on the work of their committees.
2. Meetings of the NCLA Executive Board shall be open to any member of NCLA who wishes to attend. Other guests representing state government and other organizations may be invited to each meeting at the discretion of the President.


Issues to be brought before the Board for consideration shall be submitted to the Administrative Assistant 30 days prior to the meeting. This information is to be distributed to the Board prior to the meeting.


1. Oral reports from committees, sections, and round tables shall be limited to two minutes each. A more detailed writted report may be distributed at the Board meeting.
2. Section and committee chairs shall submit quarterly and biennial reports. Quarterly reports will be summarized by the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes of the Executive Board. The biennial reports will be printed in North Carolina Libraries.


Motions presented for vote of the Executive Board shall be provided to the Secretary in writing.


1. Minutes shall be distributed within 30 days of each meeting to members of the Executive Board, committee chairs, and members of the Constitution, Codes, and Handbook Revision Committee.
2. Minutes of the Executive Board meetings shall be printed in North Carolina Libraries.

NCLA Handbook

1. A copy of the NCLA Handbook shall be provided to each member of the Executive Board, each committee chair, and each member of the Constitution, Codes, and Handbook Revision Committee. The Handbook remains the property of the Association.
2. Each person to whom a Handbook has been provided shall be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date copy and for transferring it to his or her successor

B. Non-Codified Policies Adopted by the NCLA Executive Board Membership

1. The membership list shall be made available for purchase at a price to be established by the Executive Board.
2. No more than 25 "special" membership in NCLA may be given each biennium to congressional and state officials as recommended by the Governmental Relations Committee and the NCLA President.
3. Current members of the Association shall be offered reduced registration fees for all conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and other events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Association and its committees, sections, and round tables.
4. Individuals joining the Association for the first time will receive free membership in the New Members Round Table for each of the first two years of paid membership in the Association. The Association will contribute $3.00 per free NMRT membershipto NMRT for its activities. Each new NCLA member may select any of the other sections or round tables as the membership included with NCLA membership. Membership in NMRT will continue to be an option at renewal for members meeting eligibility criteria.


1. The North Carolina Library Association shall operate under an annual budget.
2. Sections and round tables shall receive a flat amount for each person who joins the section or round table. This amount shall be deducted from the member's dues, with the remaining dues going to the Association. This amount shall be set at $5.00.
3. All requests for funding shall be referred to the Finance Committee for a financial analysis upon which the Executive Board may take action.
4. Checking and savings accounts for any NCLA funds may be opened only by Executive Board authority. Checking and savings accounts existing when these policies and procedures are adopted must also be reported to the Board. Likewise any loans made to or leases entered into on behalf of any part of NCLA must be approved by the Executive Board.
5. The Association should maintain an unrestricted reserve fund equal to at least ten percent of annual operating expenses.
6. The finances of all sections will be included in the NCLA audit.
7. In the budget planning cycle following each biennial Conference the Finance Committee shall make a recommendation for the allocation of the conference net funds, to inclue a Conference start-up reserve.
8. Books for the conference financial report shall be closed by the end of the second quarter of the year following the conference.


1. The Administrative Assistant shall maintain a calendar of meetings and other events scheduled by NCLA groups. Executive Board members are encouraged to utilize this calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.
2. The Executive Board and committee chairs shall be addedto the mailing list of all organizations within NCLA.
3. All publications of the Association shall use the official logo/letterhead whenever possible.
4. Alkline permanent paper shall be used by NCLA for all its publications and documentation.


The NCLA shall schedule conferences at times that do not conflict with religious holidays.