2014-2015 Biennium Purpose and Goals

NCLA 2014-2016 Strategic Plan (PDF)

2014-2015 Biennium Purpose and Goals (PDF)

Purpose 1: Inform

Goal 1.1: Provide professional development opportunities

1.1.1: Networking and informal training

1.1.2: Professional development

1.1.3: Encourage a culture of research, publication, service, and recognition

1.1.4: Mentoring – formal/informal

Goal 1.2: Address library related issues

1.2.1: Discussion (communication through listserv, website, social media)

1.2.2: Establish sections (RT, committees) that are relevant and represent the diverse interests of the association to promote unity and cooperation

1.2.3: Provides resources

1.2.4: Diversity

Goal 1.3: Encourage innovation to keep libraries relevant

Goal 1.4: Empower education through literacy and lifelong learning

Goal 1.5: Promote libraries as community spaces

Goal 1.6: Educate on current and emerging information services   


Purpose 2: Support

Goal 2.1: Create leadership initiatives and opportunities for professional development and growth

2.1.1: Encourage involvement

2.1.2: Collaborative mindset

2.1.3: Respect everyone’s point of view

2.1.4: Develop mentoring opportunities

Goal 2.2: Support and mentor librarians through change

Goal 2.3: Literacy

2.3.1: Information literacy

2.3.2: Technology literacy

2.3.3: Digital literacy

2.3.4: Reading literacy

Goal 2.4: Support the right to unfettered access to information

Goal 2.5: Support challenged and under-served populations across the state and within the profession

Goal 2.6: Support the diversity of information needs in the state

Goal 2.7: Advocate for and promote libraries and librarians across North Carolina

Goal 2.8: Support library and the library community


Purpose 3: Connect

Goal 3.1: Foster a culture of collaboration

Goal 3.2: Advocate for libraries to citizens and government                          

Goal 3.3: Create community among all types of libraries

Goal 3.4: Connect librarians and paraprofessionals to each other

Goal 3.5: Create an atmosphere of inclusion

Goal 3.6: Facilitate virtual communication and connection among members

Goal 3.7: Provide a forum for discussion of library-related issues


Purpose 4: Reflect Diversity

Goal 4.1: Promote respect and inclusion in staffing and collections

Goal 4.2: Ensure the organization reflects the diversity of the communities we serve

Goal 4.3: Attract and retain and diverse group of new leadership that represents the community they serve

Goal 4.4: Raising awareness and forum for change for concerns of minorities and women in the profession

Goal 4.5: Provide opportunities for minorities