Technology & Trends presents: A Webinar by You on your Favorite Tech Tools for 2018!

For our next webinar, we’re going to try something different. We want you to share your expertise!
December is the time to look back at the year, at what you accomplished and what you changed.
Did you discover a new tech tool this year? Did you automate some work that saved you untold hours of time? Did you plan a technology project or service that went really well? Show it off!
We’re looking for a series of 5-10 minute lightning talk presentations, all done in the same webinar. Please fill out this short form by Tuesday, 12/4 to be considered. You could do a PowerPoint, show something live on the web, or even show us some cool hardware on a livestream. We're open to your ideas!
The webinar itself will be Wednesday 12/12, from 12-1:00. Registration to attend will go out at a later date.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 (All day)