The North Carolina Library Association gives three awards:

  • NCLA Distinguished Service Awards, presented every two years, or when deemed appropriate, to a member of the Association who has made significant contributions to the profession. Criteria include distinguished service to North Carolina, significant service or other professional contributions provided during either a short or long span of time, and service resulting in a regional or national impact on librarianship in general. Nominees may include librarians, paraprofessionals and other professionals in the profession and can be awarded posthumously. Past recipients include:
    • 2015: Pauletta Bracy and Gerald Holmes
    • 2013: Carol Walters
  • Honorary memberships, which are presented to lay citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the development of libraries and library programs in the state. Past recipients include:
    • 2013: Harriet Smith
  • Life memberships, which are given to retired librarians whose contributions to the state and the profession were especially notable. Past recipients include:
    • 2015: Nancy Fogerty
    • 2013: Ron Jones
  • Ray Moore Award is presented to the author of the best article about public librarianship published in North Carolina Libraries during the preceding biennium:
    • 2015: Joanna Bolick and Plummer Alston Jones, Jr.
    • 2013: Winona Ramsaur

Sections and roundtables may also give awards.  These include: