PLS Adult Services and Outreach Committee

Adult Services and Outreach Committee Charge:

We provide support to a diverse clientele of adult customers in public libraries throughout North Carolina, with a focus of reference, readers' advisory, programming and technology.


Members of the Committee:

Nora Armstrong  (Vice-Chair) 
Cumberland County Libraries
narmstro [at] cumberland [dot] lib [dot] nc [dot] us   

Sandra Lovely
Durham County Public Libraries
slovely [at] dconc [dot] gov                       

Morgan Paty  (Chair)                                                 
Wake County Libraries
Morgan [dot] Paty [at] wakegov [dot] com
Morgan [dot] Paty [at] wakegov [dot] com (9)19-570-7169

Placedia Miller                                                  
Iredell County Libraries
pmiller [at] iredell [dot] lib [dot] nc [dot] us

Carrie Lee                                                       
Wake County Libraries
Carrie [dot] Lee [at] wakegov [dot] com

Jennifer Brannen
Durham County Libraries
jcbrannen [at] dconc [dot] gov

Kelly Cehelnik
Union County Public Library
Kelly [dot] Cehelnik [at] unioncountync [dot] gov
704-283-8184 ext 230

Michele Lockleair
Cumberland County Libraries
mlockleair [at] cumberland [dot] lib [dot] nc [dot] us
910-864-3800 ext 1400

Aimee James
Wilkes County Public Library
AJames [at] arlibrary [dot] org
336-838-2818 ext. 241

Daniel Sumerlin
Wake County Public Library
daniel [dot] sumerlin [at] wakegov [dot] com

Noah Lenstra
University of North Carolina Greensboro
nilenstr [at] uncg [dot] edu

Kimberly Burton
NoveList, EIS
ksburton [at] gmail [dot] com
919-489-9412 ext. 8238


Notes from Recent Meetings: 

             March 14, 2018

             May 10, 2016  

             February 16, 2016

             October 23, 2014

             July 9, 2014

 May 1, 2014

 February 6, 2014