NCLA Project Grants


North Carolina Library Association Project Grants are administered by the NCLA Finance Committee.  The grants are funded with profits from the Association’s biennial conferences and by LSTA grants. The intent of these grants is to return to the Committees, Sections, and Round Tables some part of the profit which their programs and participation helped create. The funds are also provided to NCLA sub-groups to encourage growth and activity

Project Grants are available for the following activities: 

  • Biennial Conference Programs
  • Workshops and Programs
  • Publications 
  • Other Special Projects

Project Grants are available to

  • NCLA Sections
  • NCLA Round Tables
  • North Carolina Libraries
  • NCLA Committees (Committees within individual Sections and Round Tables must apply through their Section or Round Table board)

Rules and Limits

  • There is no limit to the number of grants a group may apply for. The Finance Committee may, however, consider the number of grants the group has already received when reviewing the grant. 
  • Profits made by a Section or Round Table from non-Biennial Conference projects are retained in the Section or Round Table budget. However, profits made by NCLA Committees are returned to the Project Grant Fund. 
  • Grants are limited to a maximum of $1,500.00 per grant per Section, Round Table, or NCLA Committee. Groups may apply jointly and combine their maximum amounts (e.g., three sections applying jointly would be eligible for a maximum of $4,500.00 for a single grant).
  • One application should be submitted per project. In cases of joint application, one group should prepare the grant and list the others participating as co-sponsors. 
  • The grant application must include the following:
    • a statement of the project and its purpose,
    • a time frame for the completion of the project,
    • a proposed budget,
    • and a description of the method of evaluation to be used. 
  • Projects must be completed within the proposed time frame.  If the time frame is not met, groups must reapply. 
  • Capital purchases are not eligible for grant funds.
  • When honoraria are involved, you must have a signed contract specifying the amount of the honorarium in order for payment to be made.  Make certain that the amount to be included on this contract is clear to all parties prior to submitting the grant application. The amount should be stated in writing with a copy attached to the grant application. Honoraria which exceed the amount on the grant application will not be covered by grant funds.
  • Members of NCLA and other librarians in North Carolina may not apply grant funds to cover their own honoraria or travel expenses.
  • Grant recipients must maintain complete and accurate records of all activities connected with the grant and report all actual expenditures to the NCLA Office.
  • A final report must be forwarded to the Chair of the NCLA Finance Committee and to the NCLA Office within 30 days of completion of the project. The report must include:
    • a statement reviewing the project,
    • a summary of the project's evaluation,
    • and final expenditure and accounting of funds.
  • NOTE: Failure to provide this paperwork within the 30 days will make that NCLA Committee, Section or Round Table ineligible for future grants.

Please explain your program/project in sufficient detail so the Committee can make a reasonable evaluation of its merits. Feel free to add any additional information that will help the Committee understand your proposal. 


All grant recipients must have the funds expended and all expenditures reported to the NCLA Office within 30 days of program completion. 

Applications are reviewed four times a year. 

Applications received by…

Recipients notified in…

December 1


March 1


June 1


September 1


The Committee prefers to receive the applications via email with a signed PDF attachment.  Applications may also be submitted via mail or fax.

Submit applications to:

NCLA Finance Committee
c/o Carol Cramer
Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Wake Forest University
Box 7777 Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC 27109 
Voice: (336) 758-3563
Fax: (336) 758-4652
Email: cramercj [at] wfu [dot] edu


Complete applications must include: 

The STATEMENT should cover all the following points: 

  1. Short description of the project.
  2. Needs assessment verifying that the proposed project is relevant, timely, and not redundant.
  3. Project objectives.
  4. Intended participants, audience or beneficiaries (e.g., public, educators, professional or support library staff, those experienced or inexperienced in library work).
  5. Methods to be used to evaluate the project. (Send the actual evaluation to the Finance Committee Chair no later than 30 days after completion of the project.
  6. For workshops or programs, list instructors, presenters, or resource people.  Describe their qualifications, methodologies, and the estimated fees and expenses. Make certain that you have the fee information in writing. Also, remember to include tax where applicable. 
  7. For a publication or other project, list major participants, authors, compilers, sources, methodologies, tools, or other pertinent data.
  8. Explain any additional expenses in the proposed budget, particularly for books, printed materials, publicity, or rental fees.
  9. Identify and explain the functions and financial responsibility of any co-sponsors. Be specific as to your contact with them and their work and financial commitments to the project.
  10. Include a timeline for planning, implementation, evaluation, expenditure and reporting of grant funds.
  11. Include any other points you consider important and relevant.


The final report must be forwarded to the Chair of the NCLA Finance Committee and to the NCLA Office within 30 days of completion of the project. The report must include the following:

  1. A summary and review of the project.
  2. An assessment of how well the project met the stated objectives.
  3. A summary of participants’ evaluations.
  4. Concerns or problems with the project.
  5. A final expenditure and accounting of funds.
  6. Any other points you consider important and relevant.

NOTE: Failure to provide this paperwork within 30 days will make that NCLA Committee, Section or Round Table ineligible for future grants.