Updated Job Postings on NCLA!

NCLA has updated the way jobs are posted to and displayed on our website. Visit our new jobs page at: http://www.nclaonline.org/jobs

Want to submit a job posting?

You can do it yourself at http://www.nclaonline.org/node/add/jobposting. You can submit your job posting anonymously, or log in first to be able to edit or delete your post (note: you must log in BEFORE you submit the post to be able to edit it).

Once submitted, your job will display on our Job Postings page for approximately 6 weeks.

For additional promotion, consider posting to the NCLA members email listserv (available only to NCLA members). To send messages to the listserv, address your email to ncla-members [at] listserv [dot] unc [dot] edu. Questions? Contactnclaonline [at] gmail [dot] com ( nclaonline [at] gmail [dot] com).