NCLA Executive Board Meeting, April 2015


NCLA Executive Board Meeting
April 24, 2015 – 10:30 AM 
New Hanover Room
New Hanover County Public Library (Downtown)
Phone: (910) 798-6309
201 Chestnut St, Wilmington, NC 28401
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Parking Information
Please park in the parking deck adjacent to the library on 2nd street.  Use the entrance with the guard gate and press the button to receive a green parking deck ticket; before leaving the building everyone can get a pink validated ticket from the administration office so they are not charged. Park on the third level and use that building entrance as that is the meeting room level. The only other access point from the deck is on the first floor, which would be easier for anyone who isn't able to climb a half flight of stairs.

Do not use the first floor parking deck entrance without a guard gate as after two hours one will be ticketed. If anyone uses that section because of the stairs ask them to speak to administration about arrangements when they arrive at the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order and Welcome
Adoption of the Agenda
Approve Minutes of January 23 Meeting (PDF)
Treasurer's Reports — M.J. Wikerson
Finance Committee – Robert Burgin (not attending) (motion)
President's Report — Dale Cousins
El Salvador Library,    Past Presidents Council,    Congrats to Lynda Kellum for grant on behalf of NCLA and UNCG and to Gerald Holmes for his career long work on diversity,   NC Public Library Directors Assn,    Courtney Young, ALA President at UNC and NC Central,   Acknowledgement of Amy Harris Houk and Alan Bailey for assuming role of Secretary through the biennium; meeting with Library School Deans and NCPLDA

Committee and Liaison Reports

Archives — Denelle Eads (not attending)
Conference 2015 — Rodney Lippard
Constitution, Codes and Handbook — Laura Davidson (Motion)
Endowment — Harry Cooke
Intellectual Freedom — David Trudeau
Leadership Institute — Michael Crumpton
Membership —Lisa Shores (not attending)
Marketing –Tamara Rhodes (discussion of new NCLA stylebook guidelines—request for feedback)
Nominating — Wanda Brown (Motion)
Operations — Priscilla Lewis (not attending) report on the web
Legislative and Advocacy and Library Legislative Day — Anthony Chow (not attending)/LaJuan Pringle
Scholarships — Libby Stone (not attending) Harry Cooke to report (Motion)
Website — Laura Wiegand
Continuing Education Liaison — Brandy Hamilton
School Library Liaison — Joann Absi
Open Government Coalition/Sunshine Week: Pauletta Bracy — (not attending, to submit a report)
State Librarian — Cal Shepard (not attending)
ALA Council and ALA Conference update — Dana Eure
SELA Representative — Wanda Brown
Editor, NC Libraries — Ralph Scott

New Business

  • Summary of the decisions we made at the last board meeting regarding "successful" sections and roundtables –Lorrie Russell

Old Business (2-minute limit)(any reviews of handbookdiscriptions/changes from sections)

Section/Round Table Reports-Visit for online reports. (activities upcoming, April-June)

Business Librarianship Section — Mary Scanlon (not attending)
College and University Section — Randall Bowman
Community and Junior College Libraries Section — Angela Davis
Government Resources Section — David Durant
Library Administration and Management Section — Larry Gavin
Literacy Roundtable — Molly Westmoreland
New Members Round Table — Sarah Lyon (not attending)
NC Library Paraprofessional Association — Cathy Wright
Trustees, Advocates, and Friends Section — Phil Barton/Tamara Heyward (not attending)
Public Library Section — Billy King (not attending) Jason Rogers to represent
Reference and Adult Services Section — Crystal Holland (not attending)
Round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns —Avis Jones
Resources and Technical Services Section — Rachel Holderied (not attending)
Special Collections Round Table — Arthur Carlson (not attending)
Technology and Trends Round Table —Kathy Shields
Women's Issues in Libraries Round Table — Carol Laing
Youth Services Section — Debra Shreve (not attending)

Motions - Are available for review at

Next Meeting: 

July 24, 2015– Greensboro Public Library