NCLA Executive Board Meeting Agenda, July 2016

NCLA Executive Board Meeting – July 22, 2016 - 10:30AM 

UNC Greensboro,  Jackson Library, Digital Media Commons, 320 College Avenue, Greensboro, NC


10:30AM– 11:30AM– Business Meeting

Call to Order and Welcome

Adoption of the Agenda

Approve Minutes of April 22, 2016


Treasurer's Reports — Lorrie Russell

Finance Committee – Paul Birkhead

President's Report — Rodney Lippard

Section/Round Table Reports---New Business (activities upcoming, April-June)

Youth Services Section — Tanika Martin

Business Librarianship Section — Lydia Towery (not attending) Lauren Poteat representing

College and University Section — Amy Brake

Community and Junior College Libraries Section — Staci Wilson (not attending)

Government Resources Section —Michele Hayslett

Library Administration and Management Section — Mark Sanders

Literacy Roundtable — Jane Blackburn (not attending)

New Members Round Table — Sarah Lyon (not attending)

NC Library Paraprofessional Association —Jackie Cornette (liaison) (not attending)

Trustees, Advocates, and Friends Section — Phil Barton (not attending)

Public Library Section — Decca Slaughter

Reference and Adult Services Section — Jeanne Hoover

Round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns —Shamella Cromartie

Resources and Technical Services Section — Anna Craft (not attending) Kate Silton representing

Special Collections Round Table Liaison — Jennifer Motszko

Technology and Trends Round Table —Jenny Dale

Women's Issues in Libraries Round Table — Jenny Boneno (not attending) Kyle White representing

STEM –Nina Exner

Committee and Liaison Reports

Archives — Denelle Eads

Conference 2017 — Michael Crumpton

Constitution, Codes and Handbook — Laura Davidson

Development — Susan Brown/Dale Cousins

Intellectual Freedom — Marian Lytle

Leadership Institute-Michael Crumpton/Debra Shreve

Marketing –Stephanie Brown (presentation)

Membership – NCLA Regional Directors – Alan Bailey, Amy Harris, Alan Unsworth, Mary Sizemore

Nominating — Dale Cousins 

Operations — Sandra Lovey (not attending)

Legislative and Advocacy — Anthony Chow/LaJuan Pringle

Librarians Build Communities-Jennifer Taft (not attending)

Scholarships — Libby Stone

Website — Erin Holmes

Continuing Education Liaison - Brandy Hamilton

NC School Library Media Association Liaison – TBD

State Librarian-Cal Shepard  

ALA Council and ALA Conference update -Dana Eure

SELA Representative — Wanda Brown

Editor, NC Libraries — Ralph Scott (not attending)

Old Business (2-minute limit)

New Business


11:30AM – 12:30PM - Breakout - Initiative Committee Sessions

12:30PM – 1:00PM  LUNCH

1:00PM - 1:45PM - Initiative Discussion


Next Meeting: October 28, 2016, Durham Tech Community College, Durham, NC


2:00PM Meeting Adjourn – Conference 2017 Planning Meeting to start