Natalie Ornat

Real name: 
Atkins Library Fellow
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223
United States

This Speaker's Sessions

Bringing the Team Together: Building Culture, Morale, and Collaboration within a Public Services Unit

Atkins Library at the UNCC recently underwent organizational restructuring that combined two largely public-facing departments, forming a new unit called Public Services.  Merging together two separate entities into one cohesive and effective unit is no easy feat.  Each subunit coming under the Public Services umbrella brings with it its own set of team dynamics, culture, and norms.  Even with the most careful and strategic planning, divides can remain. 

Using Process Mapping for Assessment and Collaboration in Libraries

This poster will introduce process mapping as a valuable form of assessment and means to collaborate within a library.  Commonly used in the business world, process mapping is the practice of gathering information on a specific workflow and diagramming it visually, usually in the form of a flowchart.  This visual can than be analyzed for process improvement.  Besides helping assess current workflow efficiency, process mapping is a valuable way for employees throughout the library to see how they are contributing to essential processes.