A to Z List of Sessions

A to Z List of Sessions

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It's how you play the game: utilizing an online quiz tool to enhance and assess instruction

Instruction librarians at our university have been using the online quiz tool Kahoot! to enhance their teaching for lower-level general education courses.

Cara Barker
Join the Team: Library Services for Student Athletes

In today’s digital age, we can no longer expect that at-risk or underprepared students understand the services provided by librarians.

Jennifer Natale
Journey to a Single Service Point

In January 2015, the Georgia Board of Regents announced the consolidation of Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) and Georgia State University (GSU).

Tamika Barnes
LAMS - Measuring Your Strategic Plan

Do you feel like your strategic plan is an effective tool that represents the needs of your community? Did you choose good measurements? What do you do with these measurements once you have them?

Kathy Makens
LAMS - Personality in the Library Workplace: Making the Most of Individual Differences

Our personalities are comprised of our own unique ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  In the library workplace, personalities can sometimes clash and get in the way of creating strong working relationships with staff, colleagues, and library

Christie Reale
LAMS - You, too, can be a library administrator (and enjoy it)

Professional development opportunities in most functional areas of librarianship are abundant, yet librarians often end up in managerial or administrative positions having received little, if any, formal preparation.

Kristin Calvert, Sarah Steiner
LAMS - Present Like a Pro

***Due to the popularity for the LAMS Present Like a Pro preconference the session has been filled, however a waiting list has been created if you would like to sign up***

Brandy Hamilton, Lauren Clossey, Amy Harris Houk, Jennifer Hanft
LAMS Business Meeting
LAMS Luncheon | Jennifer Pharr Davis The Extra Mile: Exploring the Limits of Endurance ($)

In this talk, Jennifer recounts her 46-day, 47-mile-per-day “fastest known time” on the Appalachian Trail, describing the internal and external struggles involved in maximizing her miles and her potential.

Laying the Groundwork for a Born-Digital Records Management System

While the University of North Carolina at Charlotte University Archives has consistently collected relevant paper records and documents from campus departments, they were unable to accept digital records until recently.

Erin Gallagher, Catherine Howell
Leadership Institute/Coffee

Join us first thing on the last day for coffee and a poster session!

Librarians Build Communities

For NCLA 2017 Biennial Conference, Librarians Build Communities are partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC. Second Harvest is a proud member of Feeding America and the North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks.

Librarians on the Move: Innovation and Collaboration in Study Away

Librarians will share our innovative and diverse experiences with immersion in international and domestic study away programs at Elon University and UNC Asheville.

Patrick Rudd, Shannon Tennant, Lynne Bisko, Dianne Ford, Amanda Glenn-Bradley
Librarians Unite: Collaborating to Teach Patrons to Recognize and Refute Fake News

A term that has become popular by members of both major political parties in recent days is “fake news.”  Never has it been easier to connect instantly with thousands of people as it is with social media and 24/7 news broadcasts.  So, why does the

Pam Dennis
Libraries, Collaboration, & Community Engagement - "Beyond Bricks & Mortar: Revisiting the Sycamore Hill Community"

 “Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Revisiting the Sycamore Hill Community,” is a project that shares a missing piece in the histo

Heather White
Library Schools Reception

Reception for all alumni, students, faculty and staff of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, East Carolina University, North Carolina Central University, Appalachian State University and Cen

Marvel in the Academic Library: Building a YA & Graphic Novel Collection

With print collections on the decline in academic libraries, it may seem counterintuitive to create and house a collection of young adult and graphic novels. After all, aren’t academic libraries supposed to have a scholarly focus?

Jenay Solomon
More “Time to Teach” Please!

Teachers have an ever-growing list of responsibilities they are required to attend to on a daily basis.  Visit my session to discover how to utilize common sense, research based classroom management tips and techniques that can be implemented

Shavon Brown
Navigating the Pitfalls of Collaborative Technical Services Projects

In 2012, the Acquisitions and Cataloging departments at NC State University merged into a single department with three distinct units: Monographs, Serials, and Data Projects and Partnerships (DPP).  While the Monographs and Serials units continue

Matthew Harrington, Jacob Shelby
NCCCA - Collaborate, Innovate, Celebrate - How Community College Libraries are Preserving their History

For nearly 60 years, the community college system of North Carolina has helped North Carolina become a leader in workforce development. Sadly, the opportunity to learn about this history is rapidly deteriorating.

Erin Allsop, Jenny Thomas, Clark Adams, Debbie Luck, Lisa Gregory