Redesigning Information Literacy for Generation Z

 For two decades academic library literature has focused on Millennials.  Generation Z is here and their expectations differ from Millennials.   Information Literacy must become more dynamic and experiential to reach this generation. This group uses  Social Media creatively and for practicality.  Their values are different from Millennial values. They tend to value: diversity, realism, human connection, brand quality, and time.

1996 to 2000 are the years most experts agree that Generation Z began being born; dates have yet to be cemented.  Current traditional college students have these birth years. Engaging environments and items of all types and formats are two focuses of current K-12 libraries. Academic libraries must make their IL sessions more engaging for this audience. This poster session will delve into the different ways that research suggests Generation Z can be reached and how their natural inclinations mesh with library use.

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Heather Smith works closely with traditional college students by conducting Rhetoric, FYS, and other Information Literacy sessions. She helps these students in one-on-one and group consultations.
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