Creating Connections

by: Alisha Webb, Chair of the Community and Junior College Section

creating connections

NCLA 2015 clarified the importance of going to NCLA for me. My community college section decided not to do a formal lunch with a program or author, but to invite a bunch of people to a restaurant and get lunch. We’ll just chat, we told everyone. Get to know each other a little. We told Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill that we were hoping for twenty.

We got thirty-five.

People loved it! It was so successful that we’re doing it again this year. And everything that people loved about the lunch was what makes the NCLA conference so important to me. The restaurant buzzed with chit chat. Conversations swayed from the professional to the personal and back. I sat with Erin Holmes and Rob Ross from NCLive. We talked about children and what was going on in our libraries at the time. Like everyone else at the lunch, I came away with a new sense connection to two librarians I’d never met before.

It’s that chance meeting that can spark a future collaboration. You put a face to a name and a name to a face and see someone and say, “Hey! You’re interested in user services and mentioned this great idea. I’ve been thinking about it, too. We should work together.” Because NCLA has librarians from across the state and from different libraries, you get that chance to connect with everyone. Because of NCLA, I’ve connected with public librarians in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. I know the librarians my students are going to when the community college is closed. That connection is important to me, my students, and my public librarian colleagues.

Last NCLA’s lunch was so successful that we’re doing it again.

Celebrating Community College Libraries: Colleagues Joining Colleagues to Learn and Socialize

The officers of CJCLS would like to invite all who have an interest in NC community college libraries to share a meal and celebrate our successes. This lunch is informal and a time to swap stories and socialize.

See you there!