Conference is Coming, Are You In?

We have a great group of folks planning our 2017 biennial conference and it is something to make sure is on your radar.  We will be in the newly renovated Benton Convention Center, October 17th thru the 20th and we’ve already seen how great it looks with new and added carpeting, wall décor and furniture.  It has a fresh and exciting look that will enhance our conference experience.  Speaking of experience, we are so excited to present a great line-up of speakers, presentations and exhibitors who are all dedicated to ensuring your NCLA Conference experience is the best it can be.

Our theme of Innovate, Collaborate and Celebrate, will be evident with innovative activities and events, new to our past offerings, as well as examples of collaborative projects and partnerships that help make us stronger together.  And we get to celebrate our successes both individually and collectively with programs and networking that make it matter.

Please join us for this exciting line-up of speakers, an all-conference reception at the new Central Library in downtown Winston-Salem, and an endowment dinner and pub crawl that promotes our value and provides a great opportunity to get to know others.  We are also helping our host community by providing for the local food bank as our “Libraries Build Communities” project, more details to come.

Conference is coming, registration opens August 17th, please join us the wonderful experience of being together and celebrating our profession with our colleagues around the state, we want you in!!!

Michael Crumpton 

VP/Pres Elect, North Carolina Library Association