CUS Webinar Wednesday 4/12/17: Build an Engagement Plan for Successful Outreach

Jennifer Natale has an MLIS from Rutgers University, MS in Counseling from Springfield College and BS in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. She has a background in academic librarianship, student development, and nonprofit administration. As a Librarian at Miami University, she created outreach programs to provide services to international students and student athletes. She is currently a Liaison Librarian at Appalachian State University’s Belk Library and Information Commons.



April 12, 2017

Build an Engagement Plan for Successful Outreach


Jennifer Natale

Appalachian State University

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Outreach is critical for engaging with those who need our library services, especially when they are under-prepared or a member of a student population with unique needs. Making these connections doesn’t magically happen but requires thoughtful consideration and planning! This webinar will guide you through the process of creating an engagement plan that strategically improves and invigorates your current outreach and campus collaborations. We will discuss several stages of creating an engagement plan, from the initial stage of identifying student populations with whom to connect through the final stage of impact assessment. Engagement plans are living documents that build on initial research and investigation, work through action steps necessary to achieve your outreach goals, and assess impact with new and existing data.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm