The Association

Who we are and what we do

An affiliate of the American Library Association and the Southeastern Library Association, the North Carolina Library Association is the only statewide organization concerned with the total library community in North Carolina.

Our purpose is to promote libraries, library and information services, librarianship, intellectual freedom and literacy.

Our Goals

  • to provide a forum for discussion of library-related issues
  • to promote research and publication related to library and information science, and provide opportunities for professional growth
  • to support formal and informal networks of libraries and librarians
  • to identify and help resolve special concerns of minorities and women in the profession


  • provides continuing education for all library personnel through workshops, programs, and conferences
  • informs members of legislation which affects libraries and library personnel, with opportunities for involvement at federal and state levels
  • publishes North Carolina Libraries, an award-winning journal devoted to discussion of library issues
  • awards scholarships to library school students
  • recognizes outstanding contributors to librarianship
  • functions through active committees
  • sponsors Leadership Institute


The North Carolina Library Association was organized May 14, 1904 by a group of seven librarians who met in Greensboro and elected Annie Smith Ross as President.  By November 1904, when the first Annual Meeting was held in Charlotte, there were 49 members.  The North Carolina Library Association was incorporated on August 4, 1948.  It is represented according to statute by two positions on the State Library Commission, which was established in 1909 through the efforts of the early leaders of the Association.  NCLA maintains chapter status in the American Library Association and the Southeastern Library Association, and its elected representatives serve on the governing bodies of those associations.

NCLA is organized into various sections and round tables, which provide opportunity for discussion and continued education at biennial conferences and on other occasions as appropriate to the needs of members.  Chairs of the sections and round tables serve on the Executive Board with the officers of the Association.  There are eleven standing committees and a variety of ad hoc or special committees which are appointed by and report to the President.

The official publication of NCLA is North Carolina Libraries, which has been published continuously since 1942.  The editor of NCL is a member of the Executive board.

Contact the NCLA Office

Administrative Assistant:  Kim Parrott

Office Location:  1841 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604

Office hours:

Monday: 7:30am - 2:30pm

Wednesday: 7:30am - 2:30pm

Friday: 7:30am - 2:30pm

Mailing Address: 1841 Capital Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: 919.839.NCLA (919.839.6252)

FAX: 919.839.6253

E-MAIL: nclaonline [at] gmail [dot] com

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes up the Executive Board?

The President, Vice President/President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Treasurer Elect, and two Director-at-Large, elected each biennium by the membership of the association.

The immediate past-President of the Association.

The chairs of sections and rounds table each biennium by the members of their sections or round tables.

The editor of North Carolina Libraries, appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Executive  Board.

The North Carolina member of the American Library Association Council, elected every four years along with association officers.

The Southeastern Library Association representative, elected every four years.

An additional member of each section or round table whose membership exceeds 350 members on March 31 prior to the Biennial Conference.

An additional member of each section round table for every 200 members above the initial 350.

Who are the non-voting members of the Executive Board?

Non-voting members of the Executive Board may include the administrative assistant and parliamentarian if one is appointed by the President.  Committee chairs report at Executive Board meetings, but do not vote with board.

What’s a section?

A section represents a type of library or field of activity clearly distinct form that of other sections.  Sections may be organized by application, signed by 100 voting members of the Association, and approved by the Executive Board.  Sections have their own budgets.  They receive $5 from each NCLA member who joins the section, and may charge fees for events and programs.  Sections often have their own committees for programming and other activities.

What’s a round table?

A round table represents a field of librarianship not within the scope of any single section.  Round tables may be organized in the same way as sections are organized.  Round tables have their budgets.  The receive $5 from each NCLA member who joins the section, and may charge fees for events and programs.  Round tables often have their own committees for programming and other activities.

What are NCLA Committees?

NCLA Committees include standing committees, ad hoc committees and commissions.  They report to the Executive Board and carry out various staff functions for the organization.  Standing committees perform the continuing functions of the organization.  Ad hoc committees and commissions are created by the president for specific purposes and are dissolved after those purposes are fulfilled.


Awards made by the North Carolina Library Association and its sections/roundtable to those who have served the library profession well or who have demonstrated the potential to do so.  Complete information including criteria and application forms may be obtained from the appropriate section/round table or committee.


Association Awards

NCLA/SIRS Intellectual Freedom Award

A biennial award recognizing the contribution of an individual or a group who has actively promoted intellectual freedom in freedom in North Carolina.  This award is donated by Social Issues Resources Series, Inc., to a recipient selected by the Intellectual Freedom Committee of NCLA.  The award consists of $500 to the award recipient, $500 for materials to the library of the recipient’s choice, and a plaque to the recipient.

The North Carolina Library Association Distinguished Library Service Award

Presented every two years, or when deemed appropriate, to a member of the Association who has made significant contributions to the profession.  Criteria include distinguished service to North Carolina, significant service or other professional contributions provided during either a short or long span of time, and service resulting in a regional or national impact on librarianship in general.  Nominees may include librarians, paraprofessionals and other professionals in the profession and can be awarded posthumously.  This award is administered by the Membership Committee.

Ray Moore Award

Presented to the author of the best article about public librarianship published inNorth Carolina Libraries during the preceding biennium.  The winner of the award is chosen by the Editorial Board of North Carolina Libraries.

Literacy Award


New Members Round Table

Young Librarian Award

A biennial award consisting of $25 and a plaque presented to a young librarian who is making outstanding contributions to the library profession.  Applicants must be members of NCLA, and potential members of NMRT with at least three but no more than ten years of professional library experience including at lest one year of professional library experience in North Carolina.


North Carolina Association of School Librarians

Administrator of the Year Award

An annual award honoring a school administrator for developing an exemplary school library media program and for having made an outstanding and sustained contribution to advancing the role of the school library media center as an agency for the improvement.

Carolyn Palmer Media Coordinator of the Year Award

An annual award honoring a North Carolina school media coordinator who demonstrates professionalism, dedication, and leadership in the school library/media center setting.

Mary Peacock Douglas Award

Presented at each NCASL Biennial Work Conference to recognize a person who has given outstanding and sustained effort in promoting school library development in North Carolina.


Public Library Section

North Carolina Public Library Development Award

A biennial award consisting of $500 and a plaque presented to an individual who has made a significant and innovative contribution to the development of public librarianship in North Carolina.  Nominees must be members of NCLA currently employed in a North Carolina public library.  Projects must have been developed and implemented during the current biennium.

William H. Roberts Public Library Distinguished Service Award

A biennial award consisting of $500 and a plaque to recognize an individual excellence in public librarianship in North Carolina.  Nominees may be a library leader or an unsung hero/heroine in public libraries.


Resources and Technical Services Section

Doralyn Joanne Hickey “Best Article” Award

A biennial award of $200 presented to the author of the best article on technical services published in North Carolina Libraries during the biennium.

Resources and Technical Services Section Significant Contribution Award

A biennial award of $200 given to a librarian who has made significant contribution to his or her institution or to the profession.  At least part of the applicant’s current work must involve an aspect of technical services, the applicant must work in North Carolina and must be nominated by a current members of NCLA.

Resources and Technical Services Section Student Award.

Any student actively enrolled in library education or pursuing a career in the library field is eligible for this $200 award.  The student must be intending to pursue a career in technical services and a demonstrable potential for contribution in the field.


Round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns

Roadbuilder Award

A biennial award established by the round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns to recognize an ethnic minority librarian, living or deceased, who has worked in North Carolina at least five years, has made a significant contribution to the field of librarianship/information services, has established a record of accomplishment, service, and dedication, and serves as a role model for practicing and minority librarians and as an incentive for prospective minority librarians.


Round Table on the Status of Women in Librarianship

Marilyn L. Miller Award for Professional Commitment

A biennial award in the amount of $200 and plaque given in recognition of a professional librarian in North Carolina who has provided outstanding leadership and service in furthering the status of women in librarianship, the mission of the library community, and/or the support of women colleagues in the workplace.


Children’s Services Section
Title: Chapbook
Frequency: Irregular

North Carolina Library Association
Title: North Carolina Libraries
Frequency: Quarterly

Government Resources Section
Title: The Docket
Frequency: Semiannual

North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association
Title: Visions
Frequency: Quarterly 

Library Administration and Management Section
Title: On the LAMS
Frequency: Irregular

Public Library Section, Young Adult Committee
Title: Grassroots
Frequency: Irregular

Publications Committee
Title: News from NCLA
Frequency: Quarterly 

Literacy Committee
Title: NCLA Literacy Newsletter
Frequency: Irregular

Resources and Technical Services Section
Title: RTSS Update
Frequency: Annual

New Members Round Table
Title: NMRT Bulletin
Frequency: Quarterly 

Round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns
Title: REMCo Newsletter
Frequency: Semiannual

North Carolina Association of School Librarians
Title: NCSAL Bulletin
Frequency: Quarterly

Round Table on the Status of Women in Librarianship
Title: Ms Management